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Grading Policy

Hadley Institute adheres to the following grading policy:

A = Excellent 90-100
B = Above Average 80-89
C = Average 70-79
D = Below Average 60-69
F = Fail below 60-0

A grade of C- or better is required to pass a Hadley course. To earn the NIB Certificate of Completion, you need to receive a C- or higher grade for passing all five Business Basics courses.

Grade Appeal Process

If you have a dispute with your instructor regarding an assignment or final course grade, you may appeal after first attempting to resolve the dispute with your instructor. If you are still not satisfied, you may appeal to the Dean of Educational Programs and Instruction who will review the issue and talk to you and the instructor. The Dean will make a decision within five business days. If you are still not satisfied, the Dean will present the situation to the Senior Vice President of Educational Operations. A decision made at this level is considered final.