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Hadley Policies

The following guidelines will help you understand what Hadley expects of you and what you can expect of Hadley.

Student Code of Conduct

As a student of The Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired, faculty and staff will work with you in the pursuit of your educational goals by providing an environment characterized by respect, academic integrity, and fairness.

The Hadley Institute's "Student Code of Conduct" builds on the policies and guidelines set forth in the Student Handbook. As a student of the institute, your responsibilities include:

  1. Conducting yourself with professionalism, courtesy, and respect for others in your dealings with the Hadley Institute, faculty, staff, and other students.
  2. Presenting your qualifications and background truthfully and accurately for admission to the Hadley Institute.
  3. Observing the institute's policies and rules on submitting assignments and participating in faculty online office hours, Seminars@Hadley, and other online discussions.
  4. Turning in work that is your own—not presenting another person's ideas or scholarship as your own.
  5. Not asking for, receiving, or giving unauthorized help on graded assignments.
  6. Never divulging the content of, or answers to assignments to fellow students.
  7. When taking an online course, maintaining the security of your password by not sharing it with fellow students or others.
  8. Observing the recommended assignment submission schedule for your course.
  9. Never soliciting money from Hadley Institute faculty, staff, or students.
  10. Reporting any violations of this Hadley "Student Code of Conduct" and reporting any evidence of cheating, plagiarism, or improper conduct on the part of any student of the Hadley Institute when you have direct knowledge of these activities.

By following this code, all students, faculty, and staff can participate in a positive learning environment. Students are advised that violations to this "Student Code of Conduct" or other policies as set forth in the Student Handbook may result in disciplinary action, including suspension from studies or expulsion from The Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Taking Multiple Courses Concurrently

Students in good standing may enroll in multiple courses. "Students in good standing" refers to students who have at least three assignments graded by the instructor for their current course and whose grades are in the Hadley database. These grades must be a B or better, or satisfactory for courses that use the satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading system. The three most recent assignment grades are taken into account first. In addition, students must have a record of turning in assignments on time as well as a history of completing their Hadley courses. Students may be in no more than three courses simultaneously.

Secure Your Own Equipment

Hadley Institute does not provide basic equipment or supplies. You are responsible for obtaining equipment and supplies; such as cassette players and recorders, blank cassettes, braillewriters, typewriters, paper and envelopes. Students not eligible for free matter mailing must include postage on all mailings to Hadley. In some cases, extra postage may be necessary and is the full responsibility of the student.

Use of Hadley Materials

Hadley course materials are for the sole use of its students. They should not to be duplicated, sold or otherwise transferred. Respecting the copyright notices in all Hadley material is required for continued enrollment in Hadley.

Return of Course Materials

Return course materials only when instructed to do so. Never return course materials before receiving the instructor's feedback on the final assignment. Clear instructions for returning materials will be provided, if necessary.

Should you choose not to take a course after receiving it or if your enrollment in a course is canceled, return the unused materials to the mailroom at Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired.


Plagiarism is taken very seriously. If you provide answers to assignments that are taken directly from the course or other documents without citing the source or using quotation marks, the assignment will be returned with no grade and you will be asked to redo it using your own words. If you plagiarize a second time, the assignment will be given a grade of F. If there is a third occurrence of plagiarism, disciplinary action will be taken, up to, and including expulsion from Hadley. Plagiarism does not apply to short-answer responses or a listing of items. However, copying entire paragraphs from the course or other sources, when asked to provide essay answers in your own words, is considered plagiarism.

Nonstart and Cancellation

If you do not start or you cancel your enrollment from a course, one of the following codes (NS or X) will be recorded in your permanent transcript. Note: If a combination of any two nonstarts or cancellations occurs in succession, you will be prohibited from enrolling in another course for three months. A history of nonstarts, cancellations and withdrawals may result in your enrollment in Hadley being revoked.

Nonstart (NS)
You are considered to be a nonstart if you fail to submit a lesson or communication within two months of enrollment. A grade of NS will appear on your transcript.

Cancellation (X)
A cancellation is recorded on your transcript if you fail to submit assignments in a timely manner, seriously neglect coursework or consistently perform poorly. Either the student or the instructor can initiate a cancellation.