We, in the blind community, know the importance of self-reliance. We can depend on Hadley to become more confident in our independent living skills.
— Bill, U.S. Navy, 2015

Blinded Veterans Initiative

iPhone/iPad Apps for Veterans Online Presentation
November 8, 2013

Select the links below for the audio recording and resource file from the online presentation from Hadley for military members, veterans and family members to learn about iPhone/iPad Apps for Veterans.

Audio Recording

Resource File

Blinded Veterans Share Their Stories

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Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired officially unveiled a new Blinded Veterans Initiative on Veterans Day 2011.

The goal of this new initiative is to educate and inspire blind or visually impaired veterans to pursue their personal and professional goals and help support their families. Visually impaired veterans, through Hadley's Adult Continuing Education Program, and their family members, through the Family Education Program, can enroll in the school's distance education courses tuition-free, thanks to the generous funders.

The Blinded Veterans Initiative complements Hadley's Forsythe Center for Employment and Entrepreneurship (FCE), designed to provide individuals who are visually impaired with the knowledge, resources and networking opportunities to advance in their careers or start their own business. A new "Veterans Benefits" module is now available as part of the FCE and this new initiative. This module demystifies the complexity of veteran benefits including disability compensation, pension, medical care benefits and survivor benefits. Veteran-specific resources will also be added to the curriculum.