Hadley gave me the gift of literacy when I was in danger of losing it.
— Joan, OR, 2011


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Welcome to Hadley Connection, a quarterly newsletter offering the latest news and announcements of interest to Hadley students, partners and colleagues. Hadley Connection is available online and through audio by calling 847-784-2828.

Spring 2017

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A Note from Dawn Turco, Chief Learning Officer...

"If nothing ever changed, there’d be not butterflies." —Unknown

Dawn Turco, Chief Learning Officer

With this spring edition of Connection, "butterflies" are in flight at Hadley. Yes, lots of changes are underway and others much anticipated:

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Hadley's 2017 Spring Into Braille Reading Program

Enter the Spring Into Braille Reading Program, April 3 - May 31, 2017; Hadley logo: Braille dots fading into background of graphic;

Get Ready… Get Set… Spring Into Braille with Hadley!

Thousands turn to Hadley each year to learn braille. And each year, we offer this fun way to challenge readers to dust off, brush up and show off their braille reading skills.

Getting started in Hadley's Spring Into Braille Reading program is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Register on Hadley's Spring Into Braille webpage.
  2. Find braille books and start reading.
  3. Log your pages on the Spring Into Braille Log Page

The program is open to anyone who reads braille. All participants receive a certificate to show off to their friends, and there's even a chance to win a prize!

The program runs from April 3 through May 31, so register today!

Learn More & Register for Spring Into Braille

To register by phone, call 800-323-4238 and request Spring Into Braille registration.

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New and Revised Hadley Courses in 2017

by Mike Rydel, Chief Innovation Officer

Woman at home computer.

The Hadley Institute has four new courses and two revised courses available in diverse subjects and in a variety of media. These courses can help improve your skills with braille; make you a better listener; increase your knowledge of science; connect to nature with a container garden; and help you decide if a guide dog is right for you.

Are you a tactile user of braille? Are you ready to learn contracted braille in the new Unified English Braille Code (UEB)? Then, these two new courses are ready for you:

Braille Literacy 4 introduces you to contracted braille. It teaches you about the words and letter combinations represented by signs that take up less space than uncontracted braille. The course covers contractions, word signs, group signs, short forms and additional symbols and characters. The course is offered as a Digital Talking Book (DTB) with a UEB Braille Workbook.

Once you have learned contracted braille, consider taking the Everyday Reading in Unified English Braille course. This course teaches you how to read a variety of texts, such as short stories, travel itineraries, song lyrics, menus, catalogs and recipes. This course provides the practice necessary to master contracted braille and UEB skills.

Hadley also has developed two brand new courses that can make you a better listener and teach you the basics of geology and astronomy:

The ability to listen effectively will enhance your personal and professional life in many ways. This course teaches listening techniques that you can practice in the class, including mental processes; awareness of internal and external obstacles; note-taking techniques; and information about today's media. Effective Listening is available online and as a DTB.

Do you want to prepare for the partial and total eclipse of the sun in the summer of 2017? Then, the new Earth and Space Science course is for you! This course focuses on geology and astronomy. Geology is the study of the Earth, from the physical structure of the Earth to extreme weather. Astronomy is the study of outer space, from other planets in the solar system to the stars and the subatomic particles that compose the heavenly bodies. This nine-lesson course is available in all media.

Hadley also ensures that our courses remain current, and we have updated two of our most popular classes:

Many people who are visually impaired have learned to become successful gardeners. Even if you do not have a large area for planting, you can use your available space, no matter how small, to become a container gardener. Our students have created gardens on their balconies, front steps and patios. Container Gardening, a seven-lesson course, is offered in all media.

Lastly, Guide Dogs is a story-based course that helps you to decide if a guide dog is right for you. The course enables you to weigh the benefits of companionship and learn about the mutual dependence between yourself and a trusted canine partner. The course begins by dispelling myths about guide dogs. It then describes the training offered by the guide dog schools. Finally, it talks about the practical considerations of having a guide dog. This five-lesson course is available in all media.

Whether you are looking to improve your braille and listening skills; learn about the basics of Earth and space science; considering the possibility of planting a container garden; or obtaining a guide dog, Hadley has new and revised courses available for you. Please contact our Student Services Department at 800-526-9909 or email student_services@hadley.edu to enroll in a course.

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Do you have questions about Hadley's website, courses or resources? Here are a few frequently asked questions that may be helpful.

  1. I completed my course and now I'm ready to enroll in the next. Do I need to complete another enrollment application? Not typically. However, if your contact information has changed, be sure to contact Student Services with updated information. Your Student Services associate is happy to assist you via telephone 800-526-9909; email student_services@hadley.edu; or by using the Automated Student Information System online (OASIS).

  2. How do I find what I am looking for easily from your home page? Use the "SEARCH" Box and key in the word or phrase best suited to your inquiry.

  3. Do you have a listing of blindness agencies available at your website? Yes, a number of agencies and resources are listed under our Web Directory. You can locate the listing from the Hadley homepage by accessing the "Resources" and "Web Directory" links.

  4. How do I find the iFocus videos I've heard so much about? Follow the Instructional Videos link from the Hadley homepage.

Didn't find the answer to your question here? Contact Student Services at 800-526-9909 or email student_services@hadley.edu.

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The New Seminars@Hadley Platform is Now Live

Seminars@Hadley logo

As announced in the Winter Issue of the Hadley Connection, Seminars@Hadley has moved to the new platform, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. This accessible platform is compatible with all modern browsers (Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) and normally requires no additional downloads or plug-ins. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra has a greatly improved audio quality and includes full-duplex sound support, allowing multiple presenters and moderators to have simultaneous access to the microphone, creating a much smoother experience for the participants. To further the seamless experience, participants can use the text chat feature to ask questions, instead of fighting for the microphone access, which is now only available for presenters and moderators.

Other enhancements include the ability to share accessible presentation materials during the seminar and seminar recordings being available in video format (fully captioned) for those sessions including visual materials. Audio recording podcasts and downloads, as well as text transcripts, also are still available for those preferring this format.

For more information about the new platform, visit www.hadley.edu/seminar.

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HADLEY on the Road

Will you be attending any of these upcoming conferences? Stop by and visit your friends at Hadley for the latest news about our courses, seminars, instructional videos, and more!

April 27 – 28
MI AER, Livonia, Michigan

May 18 – 20
Midwest Regional Braille Conference, Madison, Wisconsin

July 1 – 5
American Council of the Blind Conference and Convention, Sparks, Nevada

July 10 – 15
National Federation of the Blind National Convention, Orlando, Florida

July 19 – 22
AER International O&M Conference, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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