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Badeyes Design & Consulting started up back in 1999. Flash had just come into its own and Multimedia sites were all the rage, but they were not without problems. Even so Badeyes created some pretty entertaining and interactive Multimedia sites, of course owner Geof Collis had the eyesight to create them. but that didn't last long, his vision started to fail and he quickly learned how inaccessible Flash and the Internet were to a person with a Disability, especially vision loss.

Business Advantage

Being a Blind Business owner has it's challenges, being taken serious for instance is probably the biggest one but I see my Business as a way to make the Internet Accessible to People with Disabilities so that we can participate in all that the Web has to offer because I was once sighted I am all too aware of what we are missing out on .

Business Advice

Don't let anyone tell you can't do something just because you are Blind.

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