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Eye Report (U.S. Applicants Only)

Ask your medical doctor, ophthalmologist or optometrist to complete and sign the Hadley Eye Report included with the enrollment application. Eye Reports signed by a blindness professional from an agency working with you are also accepted. This information should be written on the letterhead of the agency or school.

If your eye condition has not changed since your last exam, your doctor may complete the form without reexamining your eyes. If you have been or are currently being served by another agency or school that has your eye report on file, you may obtain and submit a copy of that report. We recommend that students keep copies of their eye report documentation for personal reference.

The submitted report should indicate your current visual acuities or visual fields and state that you are legally blind or progressively visually impaired. Or, if you have a visual impairment that significantly disrupts functioning in one or more areas including but not limited to reading, writing, travel, employment, recreation, adjustment or other activities of daily living in the home, school, work or community, the report should document these functional limitations.

Contact Student Services with questions regarding the Hadley Eye Report.