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How to Get Started

  1. Complete and Submit the Enrollment Application
    The High School Enrollment Application should be completed in its entirety. It is available online by following the Enrollment Application link under the "Admissions" section. The application, and Hadley Course catalog, are also available in braille, audio and large print. Contact Student Services to receive these formats.

    The application form provides space for you list the course of interest to you. However, note that you will received the High School Entrance Assignment first.

    Students must obtain approval from their local schools administration prior to submitting the application for enrollment in a Hadley course.

  2. Complete and Submit the High School Program Entrance Assignment
    If your application is complete and you meet the HS Program eligibility requirements, you will be enrolled in the High School Entrance Assignment. The assignment assesses your skills in the areas of reading comprehension, English grammar, math and writing. This assessment is used to determine your ability to prepare and submit assignments at a distance. The High School Entrance Assignment also serves as a measurement of your commitment, evaluated by how much time elapses prior to completion of the assignment. Student must earn a grade of at least 80 percent on each section of the HS Entrance Assignment for acceptance into the program. Instructions on how to complete and submit the High School Entrance Assignment are included with the course materials. This assignment CANNOT be submitted in audio format.

    Upon completion of the Entrance Assignment, the instructor generally recommends the course that you should take first to begin the program. That course will be sent to you. If no alternative course is recommended by the instructor, you will be enrolled in the course you listed on the application form or its prerequisite.

    Many high school students begin the program with the "English Diagnostic Test" first for placement into the correct English course.

    If you have not received any course materials within two weeks from the time that you have received your Entrance Assignment grade, contact Student Services immediately to check on the status of your course materials. Contact Student Services for details regarding additional courses or see School Policies regarding multiple course enrollments for high school students.

    If you are taking Hadley courses to obtain credit at your local school, the course listed on the enrollment application will be sent.

  3. Review Course Materials and Begin Your Course
    Hadley will automatically send you the course materials by email or through the mail in your selected medium. At that time, you will also receive your instructor's "Welcome" or "Getting Started" letter and contact information. We ask that you review the materials carefully prior to beginning the course. If you have questions, contact your instructor using the contact information provided. Otherwise, begin the course and submit your first assignment.

    Send one lesson at a time to your instructor for grading. Your instructor will promptly grade and return the assignment to you with feedback. If you are interested in submitting more than one lesson for grading concurrently, you must obtain approval from the course instructor. The instructor may grant approval based upon the subject matter of the course in addition to your demonstrated ability to submit satisfactory work. You may request to enroll in a second course if the three most recent lessons in your current course have been successfully completed.

  4. Certificate of Achievement and End of Course Survey
    Upon successful completion of the course, you will automatically receive a Certificate of Achievement and a Student Course Evaluation. Please take a few moments to complete the evaluation and return it to us in your preferred medium. Your feedback is important to us as we develop courses, make course revisions, update policies and more.

    In most cases, you may keep the materials upon successful completion of the course. Your instructor will notify you if the materials should be returned to the school.

  5. Don't delay. Contact Student Services to enroll in your next course!