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Typing and Keyboarding

Typing is a very helpful and important skill. Vision impairment need not prevent a person from learning to type. Typing allows you to create lists, notices, letters, and other such texts quickly and neatly. This course will enable you to type efficiently on a keyboard. It focuses on the basic keys, which occur on most keyboards, whether a computer or external keyboard. It does not teach word-processing techniques.
Prerequisites: (1) Access to computer or device with external keyboard; (2) English keyboard; (3) familiarity or assistance with the computer or tablet, and word-processing software, including starting up a computer or tablet and creating, opening, saving, and printing word-processed documents; (4) for emailing assignments, familiarity or assistance with sending and receiving attachments
Course ID: KEY-102; Media: LP, B, DTB; Lessons: 8;

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