Seminars@Hadley are the best! The technology seminars are especially relevant; the information I acquired helped me learn about my iPhone.
—Eileen, CA, 2014

Seminars@Hadley presents

Surviving: Strategies and Techniques for Self Defense

This webinar will be a hard hitting examination of tools and techniques employed by persons who are blind to avoid becoming a victim in a self-defense situation. Presenters Larry Lewis, successful businessman and “black belt” in Taekwondo, and Hadley safety courses instructor Ed Haines lead this discussion looking at attitudes and behaviors that increase survival, and suggest strategies to create maximum personal control over potentially dangerous places and people. Specific physical techniques based in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will be presented with an emphasis on how this martial art may be successfully utilized without vision. Both presenters bring many years of martial arts discipline to the discussion as well as a deep interest in how self defense practices can be made relevant to persons with blindness or vision impairments.

Join us for this hour-long seminar moderated by Hadley Director of Student Services Karen Woodfork. Time will be provided for questions and answers.

Surviving: Strategies and Techniques for Self Defense Audio
Surviving: Strategies and Techniques for Self Defense Transcript

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