Ted Hull & The Wonder Years

Ted Hull was an integral part of Motown, and a shaping force in Stevie Wonder’s life. For six years, he was Stevie’s private teacher, advisor, road manager, and constant companion. As a teacher, Ted enabled young Stevie to pursue his education and his career. As a man who is legally blind himself, Ted helped Stevie discover that blindness does not have to impair independence, nor limit life’s adventure. Says Ted: "I felt my mission was to help Stevie learn to be as independent as possible by high school graduation...I wanted him to be able to control his life and his own world."

Join Seminars@Hadley as we meet Ted Hull, long-time administrator for the Florida Division of Blind Services and author of the popular book, The Wonder Years: My Life & Times With Stevie Wonder, as he reveals a behind-the-scenes story of Motown’s early years and how he turned the world into Stevie Wonder’s classroom.

This 60 minute seminar will b

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