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New Behavior Generator Strategy

  1. Choose a goal - I want to do/feel ____. a. If I could already X - what would that look like? If I was already able to X, what would I look like?
  2. Imagine what you would look like if you were in the act of doing or feeling that desired state.
    a. If you're having trouble, ask yourself: "Who do I know that is already able to fully achieve this behavior or feeling?" Visualize what the other person does to be successful at this. Now, visualize yourself doing what you saw the model do.
  3. Step inside of the image so you feel as though you are doing right now what you just saw yourself doing. What would you be seeing, hearing and feeling?
  4. When do you want to do/feel this? Imagine the future context(s) where you want this behavior/feeling to occur.
  5. This version of the New Behavior Generator strategy is adapted from the work of Robert Dilts.

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