With Hadley instructors, you're in touch with someone that knows your child’s condition, and can often answer your specific questions.
— Donie, OH, 2015


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Hadley InstituteFamily Education Program

Hadley's Family Education (FE) Program offers a variety of courses for family members of individuals who are blind or severely visually impaired. Topics range from child development, independent living, braille reading and writing and adjustment to blindness issues.


You are eligible to enroll in the FE Program if you are a parent or grandparent of a blind or severely visually impaired child; or if you are a spouse, adult daughter or son, or adult sibling of a blind or severely visually impaired adult. As Hadley's courses are offered worldwide, it is important that you can read and understand courses written in English.

Why Enroll?

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Contact Student Services or send an enrollment application so that we can determine your eligibility.